Nexus 7 Leather Sleeve

This Nexus 7 Leather Sleeve is Simplest, professional and have elegant look. Deep dark brown colour gives premium view and feel. It is easy to get your tablet in and out.

Price: 8.99$

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Nexus 7 Leather Sleeve Review

  • It is simply a neat, clean and executive design for Nexus 7 Leather Sleeve without any hinge, clasp, flap, buckle or bands.
  • Sophisticated dark coloured synthetic leather
  • Exceptional fitting, not too much tight and not loose
  • It is aligned with layer of microfibre which help to protect the tablet from scratches and dust.
  • Protection against bumps and drops with a thin layer of cushion yet thin layer of cushion also maintain ultra slim condition.

Nexus 7 Leather Sleeve

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