This article will explore the various types of quivers available and help you determine which one is best suited for your needs.


The bow and arrow were useful weapons in ancient times. It impressed everyone with his performance during hunting and war. In today’s modern age, it cannot be used in wars, but we certainly use it in hunting and sports. With the help of this, the shooters, while staying at a distance, shoot down their target with the help of the arrow and get a hit.

Types of Quivers

Types of Quivers

There are many different types of quivers, depending on the use and structure, but we will explain a few popular types among them

  • Hip quiver
  • Field quiver
  • Bow quiver
  • Back quiver
  • Pocket quiver
  • Tube quiver

Additionally, there are other types such as the Japanese quiver and ground quiver. However, in this guide, we will focus on the most well-known ones listed above.

Hip Quiver

As the name suggests, it refers to a quiver that can be tied to the waist with a belt. The arrows are pointing in your back direction. Since we can use this type of arrow very quickly, it can be used better in field archery or target archery. It is specifically designed to hit the target while staying in the same spot. The arrows are not easy to carry in the woods by putting them in the hip quiver.

Field Quiver

This is also a type of hip quiver. Field quivers are designed in such a way that the arrows stay away from you or in opposite directions. The arrows are positioned behind your arm, giving you complete freedom of movement in front of you. Field quivers are more popular among field star archers.

Bow Quiver

The bow quiver is directly attached to the bow itself. It has a foam pad into which the arrowheads are inserted. It is commonly used while hunting in the woods, as it is directly attached to the bow, which makes it very easy and convenient to use the arrow without making any noise. One of its disadvantages is that we cannot carry a large number of arrows in our bow.

Back Quiver

It is placed on the back with the help of a cross-body belt. Generally, we use this quiver when we need to carry a large number of arrows. It gives the archer a traditional and vintage look. In terms of structure, its shape is cylindrical or like a tube. It may have multiple pockets and compartments, as needed. Along with these features, it also has some drawbacks, which include making the arrows noisy, especially during hunting. Due to this, the target flees after hearing the sound and does not give us a chance to target.

Pocket Quiver

This is the simplest structural form of quiver of all. It has a simple pocket shape design that holds up to six arrows. It’s small enough that we can put it in the back of our pants for easy access to our arrows.

pocket quiver

Tube Quiver

A tube quiver is a cylindrical quiver that holds the arrows in a vertical direction. This is a simple and lightweight quiver used by archers of different skill levels, including horseback archery. It has a slightly lower capacity for holding arrows when compared to the back quiver. A tube quiver can be carried on the back, hip, or saddle, depending upon the archer’s preference.

What is the difference between hip quiver and field quiver ?

Hip quivers attach to the archer’s waist with arrows oriented forward, allowing easy access for selection and nocking. Field quivers, similar in style, position arrows behind the archer.

Which are the best leather archery quivers.

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